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Being the perfect way to discover the hidden delights of anal play, anal toys are a class of adult toys designed to stimulate the anal parts of male or female users. These anal sex toys can be used for solo play or in sexual interactions with partners. This kind of sex toys typically features balls or spherical elements to stimulate the erogenous zones inside the anus. Anal toys usually come with a flared base to avoid travelling too far into the rectum.

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What Are Anal Toys?

Butt plugs and anal beads are the most common types of anal sex toys. Butt plugs are recommended for beginners as they are easy to use. It’s usually better that new comer to anal play use a small toy, such as a small butt plug, anal egg, or bullet vibrator, to get used to the sensation of having a foreign object in their anal passage. Once this is comfortable, many people enjoy playing with larger and more intense toys like anal dildos, prostate massagers, anal vibrators, or anal beads.


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