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Sex toys are fantastic, great and magnificent, especially for women. Every single consenting lady should be a proud owner of a sex toy, which has become part of popular culture and has become more normal and accessible. Using a female sex toy is not just about trying something new, it is vital tool when it comes to learning more about your own body.

As a trusted adult store in Australia, our wide range of sex toys for women will let you discover your desire for sensual pleasures and take better control of your sex lives into your own hands.

What Sex Toys for Women Can Do?

With one of our female sex toys, you can have a sensual solo session or an erotic foreplay with your partner. Products included in our women’s range are designed specifically for women, including different kinds of vibrators, dildos & dongs, stimulators, sex kits, and more! We also have a selection of waterproof sex toys, which can be used in bath or shower.

More Information about Female Sex Toys

For your information, vibrators or massagers are shaped to conform to the curves of your body and reach every sensitive spot, and therefore, they are the best sex toys to be used to stimulate G-spot or clitoris. Many of vibrators come with multi functions, like different vibration settings, pulse patterns, or even rotating shafts.


Whether you are newbie to sex toys or just looking for some new product to add to your personal collection, you can always find one within our women’s toy range, with high quality at low prices, to fit your budget.