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New Way to Control Your Sex Toys – Mind Control

New Way to Control Your Sex Toys – Mind Control

The phrase “mind control” is fast becoming reality for wearable products, including sex toys. Now sex toy maker Lovense and French developers, Aurélien Fache and Gille de Bast, have succeeded in controlling a connected sex toy remotely. The Lovense Lush vibrator can be controlled by brain waves. While it might still looks like a quirky novelty, its potential is huge for helping long distance couples and people with physical disabilities.

Lovense is one of the few sex toy companies that provide an API making it ripe for experimentation. Fache and de Bast saw the potential and ran with it. Keen to experiment with mind control as well as the latest sex toy technologies, they combined Lovense’s API with OpenBCI. More than just a confusing sounding acronym, OpenBCI is an open-source brain-computer interface platform, which means that its boards can be used to measure and record electrical activity produced by the brain, muscles, and heart.

Mind Control Sex Toys

Mind Control Sex Toys

Regarding connected sex toys, this means the platform can be paired up with a 3D printed headset, allowing for manipulation of things via brain waves.

Over the past two years, de Bast has been working on how OpenBCI can become mainstream, which is what led him to the idea of mind controlled sex toys. The Set-up only takes about five minutes, during which a new user learns what a ‘brain command’ is and how to use one.

Currently, this latest technology requires high levels of concentration, which is still not perfect and takes longer than sliding buttons and controls in the app as Lovense users are already doing. It’s the kind of concentration that’s unlikely to be possible to maintain while using such a pleasure device, but the potential is still huge and it allow users to be sexually connected to the web.

That’s already been partly envisaged in one of their past experiments. With access to the Lovense API, the developers were able to connect it to different Twitter hash tags, allowing tweets to control a sex toy. While it sounds risky for the general public given the chance of abuse, we’re sure the world of interactive porn is very interested indeed. An even quirkier use of the API had the toy vibrate every time the International Space Station passed over Earth.

Through a combination of OpenBCI and Lovense’s API, the duo’s plans include working to “connect the sex toy to visual imagery and ask people to think of someone to make the toy vibrate rather than concentrating on making the toy actually vibrate.

The eventual plan is to market it to the public but that’s a long way to go and it predicts that this kind of activity is around five to fifteen years out from widespread use.

It uses electrodes and brain waves to hold the most promise. Through a few simple external connections to the visual cortex, it could open up experiences to those who have suffered from past restrictions. Those with mobility issues would still be able to interact with their partners, simply through thinking about what they want to do. Are you ready for your mind-controlled sex toys?