How to Choose the Best Sex Toy for Women?

A study shows that most women do not have orgasm from sex and need additional stimulation, many of whom have no idea what or where their G-Spot is.

To solve this problem, it is important for women to know what turns them on, how or where they like to be touched and what makes them feel good. The best way for women to increase their ability to orgasm is to masturbate, so as to be familiar with their own bodies.How to Choose the Best Sex Toy for Women

Relaxation is the key factor because orgasm requires both a relaxed physical and mental state. By masturbating, women can explore their bodies in their private moment, without the pressure from their partner to climax.

In most cases, sex toys will help a woman to learn about orgasm. A research has found out that many women experience their first orgasms with the assistance from their sex toys, vibrators, in particular, which is considered as a choice of treatment for women who have difficulty to get their orgasm.

With so many sex toys out there in the market, finding the best one for yourself seem to be a hard task, especially for first-time buyers. Let’s help you out.

The best sex toy means the one that works best for you. Before deciding which one to choose, a woman needs to know whether she gets greater pleasure from being stimulated on her clitoral, vaginal or the combination of both.

The following aspects are the ones you need to consider when you to choose your first adult toy:

Vibration: Some women like vibration, and some find the sensation unusual at beginning but grow to love it later. You won’t know which category you fit into until you try it out. A gentle Vibrator is a very good starter, as the more intense ones can be a shock to the beginner at first. A basic bullet vibrator is a great beginner’s toy as well.

Speed: It is a good idea to keep your sex toys versatile, especially when it comes to speed, which can enable you to adjust the speed and intensity whenever you want. Start using it on the mildest setting. If it feels too tingly, put your hand underneath it, or use it over the top of a sheet. If you’d rather have more buzz, just turn it up.

Size: Choose a toy in reasonable size for you. Toys are typically firmer and denser than the real thing, so don’t be surprise if a toy the same size as your partner feels too big.

Power: Toys can be powered by batteries, or charged through the mains. Before purchasing, check how a toy is powered, so that you won’t get issues with a toy that uses unusual batteries.

Discretion: To play with sex toys is a private thing. To choose a quiet toy can help make it less embarrassing. To start with small, with a ring, a massager or mini vibrator is a very good idea for new users, many of which are water-proof and good for couples.

Also, if you are looking for something that can reach the G-spot, vibrators are your great choice, which can apply the right amount of pressure on the spot and is a favorite for G-spot stimulation. If you want a blended orgasm, you can pick a Rabbit Vibrator, which can stimulate both the G-spot and C-spot at the same time, offering the pleasure of penetration and stimulation from the buzzing Rabbit ears.

For many women, bullet is the one they prefer, which is small yet powerful compact vibrator that provides powerful clitoral stimulation.

If you want the feeling of penetration, a dildo or dong is a good option, which is shaped like penis and can be used vaginally or anally. For this category, you need to consider the factor of length and width. For G-spot stimulation, choose the ones with specially curved top.

Women are also suggested to try egg, balls, and female stimulator, which can be used for solo stimulation or with your partner.

Only choose materials that won’t give you an allergic reaction and wash your toys with antibacterial soap and warm water before and after each use, or cover your toy with a condom to make sure it is clean.

Sex toys are getting more and more popular in our daily lives. Some women may experience their orgasms at the first time they use their sex toys, while others may take some time to know where and how their bodies like to be stimulated. Sometimes, a simple shift in your sexual position or trying something new can instantly make sex more satisfying and exciting. Learn more about your new toy after you get it and have more fun by making good use of it.

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