Fun Factory USB Magnetic Charger


Click and charge Fun Factory USB Magnetic Charger. Fun Factory product come with a charger already included in the box. This is a loose charger only.

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Charging vibrators with the Fun Factory USB Magnetic Charger The rechargeable battery found in the toy is then simply recharged using the USB Magnetic Charger: To do this place plug the USB charger in your computer or a socket adaptor. The light on the network part lights up. With a click connect the metallic contact point of the ‘button” with the contact area of the vibrator.

The red light of the magnetic plug indicates that the vibrator is being loaded. The ‘red light” turns off as soon as this process is complete. The toy is now completely charged and the Charger can be separated from the vibrator.

If the toy is connected with the USB Magnetic Charger while in use, the vibrator automatically switches off. The toy can be put into operation again using the control panel as soon as the loading plug is removed.

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