Tenga | Flip Hole Red
Tenga | Flip Hole Red

TENGA Flip Hole Penis Stimulator-Red

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The world’s first flip-style adoption, TENGA Flip Hole Penis Stimulator-Red achieves a high performance type complex mix details. Easy cleaning from inside the opening two, from a hygienic and easy yet dry.

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Product Description

TENGA Flip Hole Penis Stimulator-Red is designed to be different from the standard TENGA onacups and the original FLIP HOLE.

The TENGA Flip Hole Penis Stimulator-Red is the next step in the evolution of male sex toys with its all new set of interior structures which are designed to give a new experience and sensation. Whilst still keeping the revolutionary flip design allowing it to be clean and dry and the expandable mid-section allowing for different sized girth.

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