Tickler Toyfriend Double Trainer Balls

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The Tickler Toyfriend Double Trainer Balls are a smooth ergonomically shaped Kegel-exerciser designed for comfortable vaginal training and stimulation. It is slimmer and heavier that the Single Trainer, creating a tougher work-out for the pelvic muscles.



Tickler Toyfriend Double Trainer Balls are good for Kegel-exercises, which are recommended by gynaecologists, doctors and midwives all over the world, and they help restore the pelvic floor muscles after giving birth, improves vaginal control and helps prevent urine-leakage, and they can also give stronger orgasms!

To use them, simply insert the Tickler Toyfriend Double Trainer Balls as far as it will comfortably go, and your work-out has started. You can leave them inside while you walk, work, work-out or just wonder at the strangeness of life. The muscles that need exercising will automatically start working once the Double Trainer Balls are inside.

The Tickler Toyfriend Double Trainer Balls are made in solid, seamless super-smooth silicone, and it weighs 66 grams and has a size of 25 x 28 mm and a total length of 12 cm, mm.

A great step forward after having worked with the Single Trainer Ball, or maybe the right first choice for all of you out there that are vaginally confident!

The Tickler Toyfriend Double Trainer Balls come with a one-year Tickler warranty.

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